Paratemporal Night Vision Equipment is top notch quality night vision, hand selected to ensure the best for our customers. You will see the invisible with our night vision equipment. We also offer night vision training and video analysis.
Paratemporal Night Vision equipment. Bringing you the best, high quality gear, hand selected by our experts.

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Our Night Vision Equipment Has Been Seen In Shows On The Networks Below

Our Staff 

Joshua P. Warren and L.E.M.U.R. have been featured on the Discovery channel,

History Channel, Travel Channel, TLC, National Geographic, Sci-Fi Channel,

Animal Planet, Fine Living Network, Coast to Coast AM, Fox News & CNN.  His

staff owns a complete state of the art night vision company.  Mobius is an

electrical engineer who worked with Fact or Faked as as a UFO video analyst

for all seasons they were on the air.  Jason Suraci has spent years watching

the sky and has been featured in publications like Sun to CoasttoCoastam for

his amazing video work.  John Carter is a video analyst who provides cutting

edge work dissecting the amazing videos we are submitted.  Our combined

experience makes us the strongest paranormal night vision team in the world.

Yes, it’s true, An invisible world becomes visible through our Paratemporal

goggles, if you look up at a clear sky, you may see an array of shiny stars.

But if you look up through our goggles, you will find the earth almost

completely enshrouded with stunning clusters of heavenly bodies. Stargazing

alone is amazing, but when UFO's appear zooming by, you'll probably shout in

surprise. Through it's rare to see a UFO with your naked eyes, if you watch

the sky at the appropriate time on a clear evening with our googles, you will

most definitely see strange things. We will teach you how to properly use this

technology, and the best technique to see UFO's and other anomalies, while

ruling out satellites, space junk, and other conventional reasons. Clarke's

3rd Law, " Any Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from

magic. "

Joshua P Warren, host of Speaking of Strange. Discusses visiting a Top Secret Night Vision testing facility.